This is not your averages fashion blog

This is not your averages fashion blog
This is not your averages fashion blog

We at Mindstate don´t see our selves as an avarage fashion brand, we are and do so much more. Our first mission is to enlighten you, make you think twice, make you care and dare to be your authentic self. We love when people express who they are and what they stand for. Through our cloth´s and their sense of fashion style, we give you that chance. We are a mindful brand that work hard not only on designing fresh fashion for you, but we also are active in our community. Help make this world a sustainable, clean and happy place to live for us all. We are now (all summer) give 2% of our  surplus from sales to saving the rainforrest and the oranugtan´s  that are victim´s of this destruction. When you shop at Mindstate you are always doing a good deed for someone else in the world. If you would like to donate to one of the causes that are dear to our heart´s you can get more info by clicking on DONATE in the top menu. 

Change your mind,
change your

We believe in being conscious with the way we do things, the way we treat people. For all you guys that follow us and help us along this exciting journey, riding the Mindstate wave, THANK YOU!

We want to inspire you all to do something every day that up lifts someone else, as well as yourself of course .That might be as little as you feeling more confident in your tailored Mindstate suit and giving someone else an extra smile because of it. Or enlightening someones mind with your Mindstate quote T-shirt. However you do it, feel our good vibes and help us spread the love. Strive to leave the people you meet in a better and happier state then you met them. 


The best form of service
is to uplift someones
state of mind!

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