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The classic black

The classic black suit is forever timeless. In a upgraded slim fit, this suit is a elegant choice for any occasion. Available in two or three piece, tailored to fit you perfectly

The sophisticated grey

This sophisticated grey slim fit suit is a most have in every man´s closet. Is suitable for daytime at work as well as night time event´s. Avalable in two and three peice. Altered to your liking and always made to fit you perfectly.

The elegant king blue

The old navy blue is replaced with this elegant king blue slim fit suit. This suit is a serious eye catcher for very unique men. With your perfect fit, always.

Suit up

We make suits for unique men.

“Dressing nice is a form of good manners.”

No matter who you are, where you come from, what your size is or whats in your mind, we give you the chance to look ready to conquer the world.

dress like you own the bank, not like you need a loan from it

Birthdays & Events

If you have a birthday coming up, a wedding or another big event you need to look sharp for, don´t hesitate to contact us. 

Meet the world in style

We give you the opertunity to meet the world with a luxuryes style without robbing your bank account.

We fit anyone

We tailor your suit so that no matter what your size may be, at Mindstate you will always get the perfect fit.

contact us

  • 3122, Tønsberg
  • mind2state@gmail.com

If you shop at Mindstate, we always give 2% of the surplus to a charity or a good cause. Dismiss